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Galactic Savior Excelion

This is the first chapter of a new piece of serial fiction that I currently have running over at jukepop serials. 

It is more or less a homage to over the top mecha anime of the 80s and 90s, such as gunbuster, but instead of focusing on warfare or fighting against some great evil, Excelion instead inverts this formula and instead follows the adventures of a small team of people chosen by the UN to keep peace throughout the galaxy and solve conflicts via non-violence, peaceful negotiation, and giant robots.

So read and review, I’d really appreciate it!

We’re looking for an artist to do sprite work for a monster girl themed visual novel!

It is still early in the development stage but the basics are as follows, our protagonist is a late twenty-somethng lizard girl who has spent most of her life keeping to herself and in general doing little besides existing, playing games, and working as a scrapper, a type of person who digs up and refurbishes ancient technology for a living.

One day, after receiving a message from her mother that her brother had recently attained a high-level position at his work, begins to reevaluate her life choices and eventually decides to do something with her life.

Along the way, she interacts with a variety of other monster girls, including her best friend, a tarantula girl who works at a local game shop, and begins to realize that there is more then one way to be happy in life.

If your interested or want to know anymore info about the project, feel free to drop me a message!

Announcement: Hybridverse anthology: Clipped Wings and other stories of the new humanity

Greetings, followers and other people who have stumbled here by sheer chance. I,  the writer calling herself token-loli, have something exciting to announce! For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a collective of short stories and other works related to a fictional universe I’ve been fleshing out for sometime now and am now ready to share an outline of that work with all of you. 

So, let’s do this thing!

A. The basics:

1. The Hybridverse is my attempt at writing a western sci-fi take on the monstergirl genre. While, at the same time, avoiding the tropes that are commonly associated with the kind of story. As such, these stories will not be about racism, or serve as an allegory for LGBT issues or similar matters, as stories about non-human races often are in western lit. I’m more interested in looking at how the human race adapts to having to accommodate an entirely new segment of itself and the resulting changes to society, religion, business, and popular culture that come about as a result.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then keep reading and enjoy the basics elements that form the basis of the hybridverse as a whole.

2. Thoughtcasting

The gist of the hybridverse is as follows, in the mid 21st century, technology was developed that allowed for the broadcast of data and information at the same wavelength as human thought. As a result, people were drawn closer together then ever before as it became easier then ever before to express oneself while still being clearly understood. Eventually garnering the nickname “thoughtcasting” by the general public,  this new information network soon became a popular alternative to radio and internet based form of communication.

However, the good days would not last forever, for, just a decade after it was introduced for consumer use, a particular incident involving research meant to expand the range and scope of thoughtcasting as a whole, resulted in a shock that echoed throughout the network and caused everyone connected to blackout or become dazed for several second, as the frequency at which all thoughtcasting is conducted is the same as normal human thought, a good portion of the human race was effected by the incident, with thought directly involved in thoughtcasting of some kind at the time of the incident being effected the most.  

In all, several thousand deaths and many, many more injuries resulted from the incident, leading to a call by many, including the governments of several of the world’s largest nations, to ban widespread use of thoughtcasting in an effort to prevent a tragedy from ever happening again. And so it was, as thoughtcasting carried out at a range of greater then ten miles was banned throughout most of the modern world.

The damage had been done, however, and the incident would lead to an event that would radically change humanity as a whole many years later.

2. Archetypes

One of the stranger side effects of the emergence of thoughtcasting was the discovery of something known as an archetype. A set of data similar in concept of Plato’s perfect forms, an archetype represents the most basic form of a particular species. Though it is not fully known the way in which this data effects the way life is formed on Earth, the generally accepted theory is that an archetype represents a blueprint of sorts that is followed to generate the basic shape of creature, which is then modified by genetics and other factors.

What is known, however, is that the way that archetypes factor into the formation of life on Earth was damaged following the above mentioned thoughtcasting incident, resulting in the birth of the first set of subspecies humans.

3. Subspecies humans

Human beings born from modified archetypes that typically resemble a mixture of humans and some type of animal, though on rare occasion some have been born that do not resemble any known form of life. Starting in the mid-twenty first century with the appearance of a single child that resembled a strange combination of human and bird, subspecies humans have slowly begun to spring up more and more in a variety of types, forcing human society to find a way to accommodate them. This has become the most important social issue of the latter half of the twenty first century, and in the present of the hybridverse, and the beginning of the twenty second century, has not yet been fully solved.

B: Themes

-The subdivision of the human race:

As more and more subspecies humans begin to appear, the old adage that we’re all “human” has begun to break down as humanity as a whole has been divided along so many lines that it is no longer possible to identify an overall human identity.

-New culture vs old culture:

Subspecies humans exist without a preestablished culture, religion, or anything else for that matter. Forcing them to struggle to form an identity wholesale from next to nothing. As a result, dozens of unique cultures begin to spring up centered around the physical and mental differences between “normal” and subspecies human.

For example, bird-type subspecies define themselves by their ability to fly, while fish-types tend to be drawn to the sea,  and both have a culture that tends to hold up these difference as what defines them as a subspecies.


Having existed for a few million years as a singular specifies, the sudden appearance of subspecies humans came as something of a shock to humanity as a whole. What to do with them was a question that has plagued the establishment for decades, and eventually came down to the fact that, as much as many tried, they could not fight the currents of change, and must adapt to the new branches of the human family tree or risk alienating them as many minority groups had felt in the previous two centuries.

The ways that many aspects of human life and culture have adapted to the existence of subspecies humans is an important part of the hybriverse as a whole.

B. Clipped Wings and other stories

So, if your interested, the first hybridverse story collection is currently in production! This title will consist of three short stories and some background materials, including expanded versions of the text found above.

1. Clipped Wings

Lisa is a young bird-type subspecies girl, or harpy as they are generally known, with a rare condition that causes her to lock-up whenever she attempts to fly. Because flight is the center of harpy culture, she has grown up as a sort of outcast within her own subspecies, and, because of this, has been depressed about the matter for many, many years.

In this story, Lisa finally works up the courage to speak to a therapist about her issues, and recounts the tale of her first attempt at flight, and the crushing failure that followed, as she attempts to work through her issues in an effort to free herself of the burden of despair that has burdened her for so very long.

2. Hybridcon 2100

Two friends, a snake-type girl and a rabbit-type girl, finally manage to acquire a pair of tickets to Hybridcon, the United States largest and oldest convention devoted to celebrating subspecies culture and media, and must rush to ready the many things necessary for an extended weekend spent immersing themselves in geeky media.

Upon arriving at the convention, which is allowing for the first time in its decade long run the entrance of non-subspecies humans, they find that the influence from mainstream culture on the convention has not been entirely positive.

3. Limelight  

A cat-type girl lives her dream of being a  popstar, but finds after a particular concert that she was hired entirely for her status as a subspecies human. As she attempts to reinvent herself as a serious artist, she find that things are far harder in the industry for a subspecies human they she ever thought possible.

C. Bonus

Lisa art!

Custom Pathfinder races master post

paI wrote this short document as an attempt to compile all of the races I’ve made up till this point, and converting a few based on various series into a form suitable for most pathfinder games. So here we go, have at it everyone!


Ability Score Racial Traits: Lamia are durable and often very wise, but also tend to be rather rash at times. They gain +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, and -2 intelligence.

Size: Lamia are Medium creatures and suffer no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Type: Lamia are Monstrous Humanoids with the Reptilian subtype.

Speed: Lamia have a base speed of 20 feet, but their speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance.

Languages: Lamia begin play speaking Lamia and Common. Lamia with high intelligence scores can choose from the following: Elven, Infernal, Dragonic, and Aklo.

Defensive Racial Traits

Stability: Due to their lack of legs, Lamia get a +4 Combat Maneuver Bonus when resisting a Bull Rush and cannot be tripped.

Natural Armor: Lamia have a +1 natural armor bonus to their AC

Sense Racial Traits

Dark Vision: Lamia can see up to 60 feet in total darkness.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Serpentkin: Lamia may take any feats that list Serpentfolk or Naga as a racial requirement.

Constrict: A Lamia may make a single constrict attack against a creature smaller then themselves during a grapple using their tail.

Offensive Racial Traits

Natural Weapons: Lamia have a tail attack dealing 1d8 damage. This is a primary attack or secondary if the Lamia wields a manufactured weapon.

Deadly Tail: Lamia may make grapple attempts using their tail rather then their hands.

Harpy, Fledgling

Ability Score Racial Traits: Harpies are fast and personable, but flighty. They gain + 2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, and -2 Wisdom.

Size: Harpies are medium creatures and receive no bonus or penalties due to their size

Type: Harpies are Monstrous Humanoids with the Avian subtype.

Speed: Harpies have a base speed of 30 feet and a fly speed of 20 feet [Clumsy].

Languages: Harpies begin play speaking Common and Harpy. Harpies with high Intelligence can choose from the following: Auran, Aquan, Tengu, Elven, Goblin.

Defensive Racial Traits

Natural Armor: Harpy have a +1 natural armor bonus to their AC

Sense Racial Traits

Dark Vision: Lamia can see up to 60 feet in total darkness.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Sky Dancer: A harpy gets +2 to Fly and it is always a class skill for them.

Beguiling Bird: A harpy gets +2 to Bluff, Perform [Song], and Perception. They are always class skills for them.

Offensive Racial Traits

Natural Weapons: Harpy have two claw attacks dealing 1d6 damage. This attack is considered a primary attack or secondary if a Harpy is wielding a manufactured weapon.


Captivating Songstress

Prerequisite: 17 Charisma, Harpy, level 8.

Benefit: You gain the Captivating Song special ability.

Slimekin, [Humanoid Ooze]

Ability Score Racial Traits: An oddity among their kind, slimekin are hardy and inquisitive. Though they can also be viewed as simple and slow-witted compared to other humanoid races. They gain + 2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, and -2 intelligence

Size: Humanoid Slimekin are medium creatures and receive no bonus or penalties due to their size

Type: Slimekin are Ooze creatures with the human subtype.

Speed: Slimekin have a base speed of 30 feet.

Languages: Slimekin begin play speaking Ooze, a language that, in reality, is little more then a mixture of strange murmurs, hand signals, and bubbling noises. Slimekin with high Intelligence can choose from the following: Common and Aquan.

Defensive Racial Traits

Malleable Body: Slimekin get +4 to saving throws against poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning.

Alien Anatomy: While taking a full defensive action, Slimekin are not subject to flanking and get +4 to AC vs rolls made to confirm critical hits.

Sense Racial Traits

Low Light Vision: A Slimekin can see 60 feet in dim light.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits


Offensive Racial Traits

Acid Body: Whenever a character attacks a Slimekin with an unarmed strike or natural weapon they take 1d6 acid damage.

Acid Touch: Once per round, A Slimekin may make a melee tough attack against a target. If successful, the target takes 1d6 + the Slimekin’s constitution modifier in acid damage. A Slimekin can use this power a number of times equal to 3+ it’s Constitution modifier each day.


Ability Score Racial Traits:

Half-Catfolk are adaptable and varied in their talents, they have a +2 to one stat.


Half-Catfolk are medium creatures and receive no penalty or bonus due to their size.


Half-Catfolk are Humanoid creatures with the Catfolk and Human subtypes.


Half-Catfolk have a base speed of 30 feet.


Half-Catfolk begin play speaking Common and Catfolk. Half-Catfolk with high intelligence may learn any non-secret language.

Sense Racial Traits

Low-Light Vision: Half-Catfolk can see twice as far as humans in dim light.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Honed Instincts: Half-Catfolk have a +2 Racial Bonus to Perception and Acrobatics.

Offensive Racial Traits

Sprinter: Half-Catfolk gain a 10-foot racial bonus to their speed when using the charge, run, or withdraw actions.


Feline Blood: Half-Catfolk count as both Humans and Catfolk for the purpose of effects related to race.

Multitalented: Half-Catfolk choose two favored classes at first level and gain +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever they take a level in either one of those classes.


Ability Score Racial Traits: Squidfolk are crafty and intelligent, but sometimes lacking in common sense. They get +2 Dexterity +2 Intelligence and -2 Wisdom.

Size: Squidfolk are medium creatures and receive no penalty or bonus due to their size.

Type: Squidfolk are Humanoid Creatures with the Aquatic subtype.

Speed: Squidfolk have a land speed of 30 feet and a swim speed of 30 feet.

Languages: Squidfolk begin play speaking Common and Aquan. Especially intelligent Squidfolk may choose any of the following: Aboleth, Aklo, Sahuagin, and draconic.

Sense Racial Traits

Dark Vision: Squidfolk can see up to sixty feet in total darkness.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Fear of predation: All Squidfolk are naturally afraid of sharks, whales, and other large sea creatures that prey upon them and their non-humanoid cousins. When encountering one of these creatures a squidfolk must make a dc20 will save or fly into a panic for 1d4 rounds. A squidfolk who succeeds on this save cannot be effects by this attribute again during a 24 hour period.

Offensive Racial Traits

Squid Ink: Much like a proper squid, squidfolk can cough up ink on command. Underwater this action projects a 10x10 cloud that blinds all creatures within its range [50% miss chance]. On land this ink can be shot in a 15 foot line, blinding anything it touches [dc15 + user’s con reflex save] for 1d4 rounds or until the ink is removed by other means.  A squidfolk may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + their Constitution modifier.

Bio-luminance: Most squidfolk can project a glow from their body that dazzles foes and  illuminates their surroundings. As per the spell Fairy Fire [caster level is equal to the character’s total class levels] but the target must be self. A squidfolk can use this power a number of times per day equal to 1 + their Constitution modifer.

Tentacles: All Squidfolk have tentacles in place of hair. This ability works as per the Alchamist’s Tentacle discovery save for the following:

-A squidfolk’s tentacles, as it is assumed they are being used in tandem with one another, deal 1 damage die higher then they normal would. This is a primary attack and secondary if a squidfolk is wielding a manufactured weapon. These tentacles can hold up to 4 small items [such as potions] at a time but cannot be used to hold weapons.

Succubus, Lesser

Ability Score Racial Traits: Lesser Succubi are seductive and good with their hands, but often rather weak physically due to their own immaturity.

Size: Lesser Succubi are medium creatures and receive now bonus or penalty related to their size.

Type: Lesser Succubi are Outsiders with the Demon subtype.

Speed: Lesser Succubi have a base speed of 30 feet and a fly speed of 20 feet [clumsy]

Languages: A Less Succubus begins play knowing Common and Infernal. Succbui with particularly high intelligence may choose from the following: Abyssal, Aklo, Undercommon, Celestial, Draconic.

Defensive Racial Traits

Damage Reduction: Electricity/5 Fire/5 Acid/5

Poison Resistance +2

Sense Racial Traits

Dark Vision: Lesser Succubi can see up to 60 feet in total darkness.

Offensive Racial Traits

Energy Drain: Following a successful grapple check, Succubus may take an intimate action, such as a kiss, against a humanoid target in an attempt to drain their strength. This attack deals 1d3 constitution damage each round the kiss is maintained. A Lesser Succubus may use this power a number of times per day equal to 1 + their Charisma modifier.

Magical Racial Traits

Spell-Like Abilities:

Level 1: 1/day each: Charm person, Detect good, Detect thought.

Corpse Born

Ability Score Racial Traits: Due to their strange nature, Corpose Born have physical traits determined primarily by the material used in their construction. Roll one D10 and refer to the chart below upon character creation.

1: +2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution

2: +2 Strength, + 2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence

3: +2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution, -2 Strength.

4: +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom

5: +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity

6: +2 Intelligence, +2 Strength, -2 Charisma

7: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution

8: +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength

9: +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution

10: +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom.


Corpse Born are medium Creatures.


Corpse Born are Humanoid creatures with the Corpse Born Subtype.


Corpse Born have a base speed of 30 feet.


Corpse Born start play speaking common and 1d3 + their intelligence modifier languages chosen at random.

Defensive Racial Traits

Undead Resistance: Corpse Born gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease and mind-affecting effects

Sense Racial Traits

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Scatter Brained: At first level a Corpse Born chooses two skills at random that are class skill for them. They get a +2 racial bonus to those skills.

Inborn Knowledge: When a Corpse Born attempts to make a knowledge check, roll a D20 + his Intelligence modifier. If the result is higher then the checks DC, that Corpse Born gets +1 to that check for each point that it exceeded the check’s DC.


Stock Parts: Roll two D6 then consult the following chart. If a result is duplicate, roll again

1: The Corpse Born has unusually sharp nails and gains a claw attack dealing 1d4 damage.

2: The Corpse Born has rather thick skin and gets a +1 natural armor bonus to AC

3: The Corpse Born’s stitches that hold their body together are more visible then most, they get -2 to disguise checks to pass as human but also +2 to intimidate.

4.The Corpse Born has especially sharp eyes and gains low light vision.

5.The Corpse Born has an especially sharp sense of smell and gains the scent ability.

6.The Corpse Born has a brain that is oddly intact. They get +2 skill points at each level.

Weakness Racial Traits

Negative Energy Affinity: Though a living creature, a Corpse Born reacts to positive and negative energy as if they were undead—positive energy harms them, while negative energy heals them.

Lop-ear [Rabbitfolk]

Ability Score Racial Traits:

Rabbitfolk are fleet of foot and wise to a degree not commonly seen among beast folk, though they also tend to be stoic and anti-social when dealing with other races. They get + 2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, and -2 Charisma.


Rabbitfolk are medium creatures.


Rabbitfolk are humanoid creatures with the Rabbitfolk subtype.


Rabbitfolk have a base speed of 30.


Rabbitfolk begin play speaking Common and Rabbitfolk. Rabbitfolk with high intelligence may choose from the following languages: Elven, Gnome, Sylvan, Goblin, Gnoll.

Defensive Racial Traits

Internal Rhythm: When a Rabbitfolk rolls 15 or higher on their initiative checks, they get a +2 dodge bonus to AC for a number of rounds equal to twice their level.

Sense Racial Traits

Low-Light Vision: Rabbitfolk can see up to 60 feet in areas of dim light.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Keen Sense: Rabbitfolk get a +4 racial bonus to perception checks.

Offensive Racial Traits

Beast’s Bane: A Rabbitfolk gets +2 to hit and damage when attacking a creature with the animal or magical beast sub-type.


Ability Score Racial Traits: Apostleo characters gain a +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

Size: Apostleo are medium creatures.

Type: Apostleo are Humanoid creatures with the Apostleo and Human subtypes.

Speed: Apostleo have a base speed of 30 feet.

Languages: Apostleo begin play speaking common. Apostleo with high intelligence score may choose any non-secret language.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Child of the Church: Due to their connection to the church, Apostleo get a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge: Religion and it is always a class skill for them.

Apprenticeship: At level one a Apostleo choose a single Occupation skill. They get +2 to that skill.

Other Traits

Mysterious Blood: Apostleo count as both Apostleo and Humans for any effect related to race.

Wings: Apostleo have a set of non-functional wings, though they provide a +2 to fly checks if effected by the spell fly or similar effects. These wings are also of the utmost importance to conveying the non-verbal portion of the Apostleo language and provide a +10 to bluff checks made to hide the intentions of messages conveyed via Apostleo.

Halo: All Apostleo are gifted with a Halo upon being born into the mortal world. This Halo hovers above their head and provides a +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks against evil creatures and on saving throws against becoming blinded or dazzled

Secondhand Soul: Apostleo are not allowed to wear clothing or use equipment that has not already been used by another or that they have not made themselves. They receive a -2 moral bonus to all checks as long as they are wearing or using such items. This does not apply to items that are expendable, such as food or potions.

They are also not allowed to receive pay for their work directly in the form of gold, but rather prefer to be rewarded with items directly. This is a cultural trait however, and there is no penalty for Apostleo gaining gold in any fashion.

servantproto asked:

I remember reading a Caster X Shirou fix a while ago. I forget the name, but was featured on tvtropes fanfic recs. A bit lemony too.

I actually read that. It wasn’t very good.

That is mostly because I prefer the idea of Caster being Shirou’s servant from the beginning, usually through finding her after she killed her original master instead of Kuzuki-sensei.

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