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Custom Race: Immature Succubus

Succubus [immature]
Medium outsider [Demon]
Dex +2 Cha +2 str -2 
Movement: 20 feet [fly: 30, clumsy]
Languages:  starting: Common, Abyssal. Other: celestial, draconic.
Darkvision [60 feet]
Spell like abilities: Caster level= succubus’ total level
Succubus magic.
lv1: 1/day each: Charm person, detect good, Detect thought.
lv6: 1/day suggestion

Energy Drain 
A Succubus may make an intimate action, such as a kiss, against a humanoid target in an attempt to drain their strength. This attack deals 1d3 constitution damage each round the kiss is maintained.

Drain Soul
lv8, succubus
A succubus with this feat may give a target 1 negative level with her energy drain instead of causing Constitution damage.

Subliminal Seduction
lv6, succubus
A succubus with this feat may plant a suggestion [as per the spell, dc: 22] into their victim’s mind after a successful energy drain. This suggestion must be to repeat whatever intimate action they were previously engaged in.

Not all succubus are the seductive monsters portrayed in religious tracts and other popular depictions. Rather the succubus described here is a immature being freshly formed from the chaos from which they were spawned. While they possess many of the characteristics of their more powerful counterparts, immature succubus lack many of the properties that make a normal succubus so dangerous. Due to this fact, immature succubus are rarely sent on important matters but rather serve as the personal servants of the various minor demon lords that rule various portions of the infernal world. On rare occasion, immature succubi are known for various reasons, whether they be wanderlust or banishment from the infernal planes for failing to do their job, to stay on the material plane indefinitely.

Succubi tend to be Chaotic Evil, but on very, very, rare occasions can slant towards a chaotic neutral alignment. Succubi are always female, for their male equivalent see Incubus [immature].

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